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Snowflake Glitter Pattern Sheet

Brand: Custom Made Better



CMB Snowflake Glitter Pattern Sheet is printed on 12" x 18" sheet of clear glitter jelly acrylic. They do not come masked.

You can purchase an additional gloss topcoat for added protection on our acrylic only by clicking HERE.  Please note, you will need to purchase a quantity of one for each sheet of acrylic you want the topcoat added to. 

Please Note: Adding Made To Order Items including our prints to your order could add 2-7 business days of processing time to your order. 


Looking for a pattern printed on an acrylic color not listed? Send us an email, we take custom requests! Have your own pattern and want it printed? Check out our custom sheet request listing and upload your own pattern! 


 All of our Pattern Sheets can be cut on PG Medium, selecting either Draftboard, Clear, Black, or White to match the base you are cutting.


★Clear Pattern Acrylic should always be cut with the pattern side up, as should single sided prints! For Double sided white & Black, we like to raise the pattern off our honeycomb tray with a layer of cardboard underneath, but we encourage you to try multiple sample pieces to find the settings that work best for your machine.

★For MDF cleanup we like to use orange wipes. 

★We ALWAYS recommend running a test cut! Our machines are all different by design and are all in different conditions. 

Please note that due to the cutting process, sheet actual measurements may vary up to 1/4" depending on the type of acrylic and blades used to cut down the sheets.

Snowflake Glitter Pattern Sheet

Snowflake Glitter Pattern Sheet