1/8" Clear Cast Cast Acrylic Sheets

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Our Acrylic & Acetate sheets are perfect for use in your laser cutting and engraving machines, CNC Routing machines, Glow Forge, Aeon, Mira, Flux Beamo, and more! These Acetate/Acrylic Sheet sheets open up a ton of possibilities for every crafter and laser cutter. Create wall decor, jewelry, business signs, trinket boxes, jewelry displays, keychains and more! 


1/8" Opaque, Semi-Opaque, & Transparent Colors:  PG Medium and coordinating color.  For example, red colors would be PG Medium Red

1/4" Solids:  PG Thick & Coordinating color

1/8" Mirror:  All of our mirrored acrylic can be cut on PG Medium, selecting either Red (warmer colors), Blue (cooler colors), or Black (darker colors or deeper hues) to match the color you are cutting. 

1/8" Specialty:  Most of our specialty acrylic sheets can be cut using PG Medium White or Black. For glitters and darker colors we recommend black. For lighter colors and lines like our marble pearl, we recommend starting with PG Medium White.

★Always run a test cut! One thing we find often is that despite similar setups and machines, cut settings can vary drastically. While weÕve done plenty of testing and work with best practices, all of our suggestions are starting points. 

★Most of our acrylic sheets are covered with a simple clear plastic protective mask. We recommend removing this and masking with your preferred method. A few of our products (clear, white, black) come with a paper masking that is safe to leave on and laser with.

★Due to the cutting process, it's not uncommon to get a stubborn "fog" on your acrylic after using your laser despite any type of masking. For CAST acrylic, you can clean this with a modest amount of rubbing alcohol for a crystal clean finish. However, acrylic can be weakened by any harsh or dehydrating chemicals and EXTRUDED will absolutely be compromised with these. We recommend using Novus on your acrylic, especially mirrors and other extruded acrylics. The Fine Scratch Polish also works great on all acrylics for buffing out any minor imperfections that may have happened through the crafting process. 

★Mirrored Acrylic is generally recommend to cut gray back up and mirror side down. If you cut this way, don't forget to mirror your image! 

Please note that due to the cutting process, sheet actual measurements may vary up to 1/4" depending on the type of acrylic and blades used to cut down the sheets.