With LIMITLESS ACRYLIC, there are truly no limits to what YOU can create for your customers. However it can be a little overwhelming when you go to order stock patterns with all the choices, so we've put together this little guide for you!

Single & Double Sided printed are for our White, Black, & OTHER cores- this is simply us printing the pattern on one side, or both of the core colors you choose. This is NOT valid for Clear Acrylic Cores!

The Clear Acrylic Options can be tricky. When we print on clear acrylic, we almost always print on one side only. This way, when you cut and remove the paper masking from the front, you see the print through the clear acrylic and it gives you a depth that you can't get with other options.

Even so, there are so many ways to print. Transparent printing is best for stained glass and abstract options- you're acrylic will be transparent as will the pattern. There is usually minimal or no white printed (depending on the pattern), so you can expect it to be light.

Transparent Printed Clear Acrylic

Double Sided Clear is our most popular option. In this option we print your pattern, a layer of white ink, and your pattern again. This way, the pattern is visible from both sides and has a brightness and saturation to it so the color is vibrant!

Double Sided Transparent is similar to Double Sided Clear, but we only print white where the pattern is. If you're looking at stock website photos, imagine all the white space being transparent/clear. This is NOT available on abstract prints.


Okay, now that you know what you're ordering, let's talk OTHER core options. We have hundreds of acrylic sheet options in stock. And many of them offer some AMAZING options as core/bases for printing on. White glitter acrylic sheets, metallic acrylic sheets, glitter acrylic sheets, matte color acrylic sheets, if you think we can print on - we probably can! A lot of these sheets offer options that you can't get with JUST UV printing, particularly the metallic and glitter options. 

Once you've found the pattern you want, choose the OTHER core option, pick your single or double sided print option, then head HERE to browse our upgrades. Find the upgrade you want and add to cart with the note on which print its going on. Simple as that and you open up a whole other world of acrylic options!