Recommended Cut Settings & Guidelines

Okay now you're ready to get cutting! 

But where to start? 

The short answer is going to be there is no right answer here. There are so many nuances that go into cutting anything on your laser, acrylic especiallly. We've created a list below curated from the Acrylic Obsessed Facebook Group of some standard starting points for you. Use these to get your feet wet, but know that you may need to make adjustments! 

If your material isn't cutting through and you're focus is set/correct, you can try increasing your power and lowering your speed. I usually do increments of 5.  Reversely, if things are burning you can decrease power and increase speed. 
CMB Acrylic Recommended Cut Settings- Glowforge, Thunder, Aeon Laser Cut Settings
A few other things worth noting-

5/32" Chunky Party Line: PG medium black with 2 passes. These are not suited for super detailed cuts. 

 1/8" Pattern Sheets & Printed Two Tone: Cut on PG Medium selecting either Clear, Black, or White to match the base you are cutting.  Engrave on 1000 Speed and 40 Power. If your print has a paper masking, that side should be facing your honeycomb tray/laser bed, and the pattern should be up. If you have printing on both sides, you'll want to raise your acrylic off the bed with scraps.

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