Bundle Binge

We are excited to introduce CMB Bundle Binge!

On the third week of each month, we will release a handful of acrylic sheet bundles - featuring both printed acrylic and cast acrylic. We have curated beautiful colors with some of our bestselling UV print acrylic sheets to give you the blueprint for an awesome creation, or a few fun projects. 

Terms & Conditions:

1. Each bundle will have (2) size options - 6"x9" or 12"x9"

2. Bundles are limited while supplies last. Once bundles are sold out, we will be unable to restock. Make sure you get yours fast! 

3. Bundle Binge begins at 12AM EST on the third Monday of each month and continues through the third Monday of the following month. New bundles will be added to our "Bundle Binge Collection" along with any previous bundles that have not sold out. 

We've put together some awesome bundles for you so now you don't have to mix and match yourself!


Spring's Gentle Breeze Bundle - Arctic Pearl Shimmer Acrylic, Matte/Matte White, Matte/Gloss Pastel Pink and Cherry Blossom Pattern Acrylic

Neon Dreaming Bundle - Bright Green and Pink Floral Pattern Acrylic, Smiley Moon Studios Pattern Acrylic, Yellow & Green Impressionist Pattern Acrylic, Gloss Yellow, Pink Glitter and Matte/Gloss Neon Green

Star Spangled Banner Bundle - Party in the USA Pattern Acrylic, Stars & Striped Pattern Acrylic, Gloss Navy Blue, Patriotic Flake Glitter and Sky Blue Glitter

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink Bundle - Burgundy Glitter, Pink Hexy Glitter Dots, Gloss Baby Pink, Pink Leopard Pattern Acrylic and Cow Print - Pink Pattern Acrylic

Seashells by the Seashore BundleMatte/Gloss Sky Blue, Pink Coral GlowGlitter, Matte/Gloss Neon Blue, Seashells Pattern Acrylic, Blue & Green Watercolor Seashells Pattern Acrylic

My Muted Garden Bundle - Matte/Gloss Bone, Frosted Tropical Orange, Matte Olive, Groovy Boho Pattern Acrylic, Tan Floral Lace Pattern Acrylic

My Preppy Summer BundleRose Quartz Glitz Glitter, Pink Glitter, Gloss Hot Pink, Bright Preppy Paisley Pattern Acrylic, and Preppy Abstract Pattern Acrylic

Tropical Infusion BundleMatte/Matte Nude, Frosted Lemon, Matte/Matte Emerald, Preppy Pink Lemonade, Preppy Tropical Watercolor.