NEW 1/4" Matte/Gloss Options!

We're so excited to announce we've expanded our selection of 1/4" (5.5-6mm) thick cast acrylic sheet options in a matte/gloss finish! 

Thicker materials are often a must have and offer a bit more rigidity than traditional 1/8" materials do.  And while material thickness is sometimes a personal preference, occasionally it's a necessity to go with something a bit thicker and sturdier. 

We've added the 1/4" thickness to a range of colors below, in stock sizes of 12" X 18" and 18" X 24".  These are also available in custom sizes up to and including 4' by 8' sheets upon request! Just send us an email! 

Matte Gray

Matte Mustard

Matte Terracotta

Matte Sage

Matte Red

Matte Coastal Blue

Matte Pastel Seafoam

Matte Pastel Aquamarine

Matte Orange

Matte Nude

Matte Magenta

Matte Green

Matte Blue

Matte Chocolate

Matte Pastel Goldfish

Matte Olive

Matte Turquoise

Matte Pastel Purple Sea

Matte Pastel Caribbean Sea

Matte Pastel Sea Nymph Yellow

Matte Pastel Flamingo