Custom Cut Acrylics & Blanks Guide

Here at CMB, we're always trying to make custom, better! :D

Which is why we prefer you build your own blanks and customize them to your hearts content! As busy business owners, we know you don't have time to email back and forth waiting to get quotes and finalize information. We also know that inventory management is a challenge for us sometimes.  So we're testing out a new process for custom blanks and cut to size acrylic sheets! 

First you'll want to decide what size acrylic sheet you'll need, and we'll cut your blank(s) from that.  If you need a 16" round for example, you would add an 18" X 24" sized acrylic sheet from our acrylic collection to your cart. 

After that, you'll head over to our custom cutting product and mostly follow the directions there. We have a couple of stock options for cuts (rectangle, circle, arch) as well as a custom field where you can upload your own AI cut file directly! 

There are two boxes below that for inputting the acrylic sheet you are ordering for us to cut from, as well as the specs/dimensions you are wanting on your custom piece.  If you're uploading a file please still make sure to use the dimensions! While we will cut your file as it is, occasionally files may be off and this is a small safety measure to try and help catch any issues. Please note that we aren't guaranteeing we'll catch it, and will only cut what is in the file. 

A few other things to note- 

Sizing is not always going to be exact. If you'd like a 24" X 36" arch cut from a sheet of 24" X 36" acrylic, it's likely going to measure in at around 23.5" give or take. This is usually okay for most, but if you need exact specs you'll want to make sure you go up a size! 

This is not intended to be used for in depth production cuts such as earrings, jewelry, or small blanks under about 10-12".  Please reach out if you need custom cutting that will incur extensive laser time.