About Us

CMB is a customer centric small business aimed at supporting other creatives and small business owners by supplying the widest range of quality products, shipping as quickly and efficiently as possible, and paying attention to the small details that help make your business run smoother! We're so glad you found your way here and hope you'll be a part of our community!
Our goal is to be your one stop acrylic shop. With that in mind we currently offer over 400 different types of acrylic sheets and are continuously expanding! Our acrylic sheets come in a variety of finishes and formats- we have solid colored acrylic sheets, matte acrylic sheets, glitter acrylic sheets, mirror acrylic sheets, and a huge selection of specialty acrylic sheets. You're sure to find something perfect for your acrylic project. 
We also offer custom UV printed and patterned acrylic sheets! If you don't see the pattern you want, you can use our custom link or email us to get the perfect print!