Customizing Pattern Acrylic Sheets


If you’re upgrading your acrylic sheets core color, make sure you’ve selected the 12” X 18” sheet size and UPGRADE core color on the first three drop downs (any thickness is available). Pictured below


You’ll need to make sure you select your print style if it is an available option.  HERE are all the details on that. 

Next, click the “Upgrade core color” checkbox.  This will bring up a drop down menu for your upgrade options. Please make sure that if you select a 1/16” thickness, you only select from the 1/16” upgrade options, and similarly for the 1/4” thickness options. They are divided out towards the bottom of the core color options. 

You can also select for us to add orabond, cut your sheets in half, or print on both sides. Please note that our clear acrylic are printed on “both” sides by default so there’s no need to choose this option for clear. 

In addition, we don't currently offer double sided printing on half sheet options.

Click the box for the processing time acknowledgement and you’re ready to go! 

Of course if you still have questions don’t hesitate to reach out!