Cutting Adhesive Without Applying it to anything first!

The other day someone asked if anyone had cut adhesive like 3M or Orabond without actually applying it to their acrylic first, and I was excited to take on a fun and quick challenge!

While I'll show all my steps below I want to first reiterate that TRIAL AND ERROR are your friend. There are so many different adhesives on the market, and the thickness of each varies, so while my settings may be a fantastic starting point for you, you still may have to dive into a few test cuts of your own.

A few follow up questions we had were why would anyone do this, which I was curious about as well! A big response said that doing it this way saves a ton of material, so if you're cost conscious this may be a really great way to increase cost savings or eliminate waste!

We also had someone ask what to do if your material came in rolled form, so check out the video below to see how I navigate that!

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