New Cuttle Template - Heart Night Lights!

The newest cuttle template is here! Not a member yet? What are you waiting for! Use our referral link and code CMB for 10% off your first month or year! This is for a personalized night light featuring a couple’s names and special date. It makes a great gift for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, wedding, or birthday.

You can customize the names, date, font, and more.

For the background scene Cuttle has included a Night Sky and Beach option. You can also omit the background scene or draw your own in the Cuttle Editor!

These lamps look best when you engrave on the back of the acrylic. This template automatically flips the design for you when you download, so you don’t have to remember to do this!

If you’ve never made a laser cut acrylic project using an LED base, it’s quite easy!

First, you will need an inexpensive LED Display Base. These are pre-made pedestals with a strip of LEDs embedded within a slot. The LEDs edge-light the acrylic which makes scores and engravings glow.

We like these LED bases. If you’re looking for something dimmer but warmer, these alternative bases are similar but with warm white LEDs. They also sell a color changing variant. (Affiliate links.)

The default slot sizing on the template will fit any of the above LED Bases. If you get a different sized base and you need to adjust the slot sizing, simply make these changes in the Sizing section.

For the lamp itself you will need Clear Cast Acrylic of the right thickness to fit in the slot.

Almost all the bases we’ve encountered are sized for 3/16 inch thick acrylic. This is a slightly unusual thickness but easy enough to find.

You can buy 3/16 inch sheets at Custom Made Better (use code CUTTLE10 for 10% off)!

With supplies in hand, customize and download an SVG using the Heart Night Light template. Engrave, score, and cut it, then simply place it in the slot on your LED Base!

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