2024 TREND Report from Sarah Sewell with Make & Flourish

2024 Trend Report

This will be LONG but, a good read for anyone wanting to strategize product development and marketing efforts this year. If you prefer to listen to this trend report, you can watch Sarah & Melody chat about the report HERE.
  • BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later - Affirm, Klarna, Afterpay, Sezzle, etc..) Huge Increase, with many buyers opting to use these services over their credit cards.
  • Gen X & Boomers increased online shopping, Gen Z opted for more in-store shopping
  • Gen Z being more careful with spending, things like using rewards and points, discounts, sales etc were important to this group (Likely fueled by economic squeeze)
  • Gift Card sales huge increase - If you have a standalone site or store consider offering this option if you don't already
  • Christmas shopping started WAY earlier in 2023, mainly due to Amazon and similar sites pushing early sales, list holiday items earlier in the year for 2024.
  • Secondhand BOOM: Ebay, Poshmark, Mercari, Thredup etc to Thrift Stores and Estate Sales being fueled by vintage trends, sustainability matters and everyone wanting to use money wisely. The target group of these consumers Gen Z through Millenials. Side Note: You could easily have a little side hustle going with reselling in these avenues.
1. Peach Fuzz - The Color of the Year & Pastels: The color 'Peach Fuzz' has emerged as a predominant trend, making its presence felt across various platforms and products. It's not just Peach Fuzz; a whole palette of subtle medium hue pastels, including shades of pink, blue, green, and purple, are also gaining popularity.
2. Retro Hues Revival: This year, we're witnessing a nostalgic revival of 1970s and 1980s color themes. From the '70s, there's a warm, earthy array of browns, oranges, yellows, and avocado greens. The '80s are represented through bold, color-blocked hues, bringing a vibrant and energetic feel to the mix.
3. Metallic Trends: On the metallic front, silver and chrome have made a significant comeback, adding a sleek, modern or retro touch to designs. In opposition to these cooler tones, vintage brass and gold colors, offering a timeless and classic aesthetic for those choosing a warmer look and feel.
1. Vintage/Retro Resurgence: From fashion and accessories to home decor and design, the allure of vintage and retro styles is stronger than ever. This trend, fueled by a sense of nostalgia and a desire for individualism, aligns well with the sustainability focus of younger generations. Additionally, it's being propelled by current economic factors like high inflation and the rising cost of living.
2. The Feminine Revolution: There's a notable shift in female empowerment themes – moving from the 'girl boss' and 'girl power' concepts to embracing and owning femininity in a broader sense. Trends like the Coquette Aesthetic and Ballet Core emphasize ultra-feminine styles and attitudes.
3. Embracing Inclusivity and Authenticity: The new year is all about celebrating authenticity and inclusivity. Being comfortable in one's skin, accepting one's humanity without guilt, and valuing genuine self-expression are key themes.
4. The Comfort Factor: Comfort has become a priority, both in personal attire and in living spaces. There's a growing preference for clothing and environments that offer physical ease and relaxation.
5. Arts and Crafts Revival: A return to basic, hands-on activities is evident. Traditional crafts like sewing, knitting, crocheting, woodworking, and needlepoint are making a comeback, along with classic leisure activities like assembling puzzles and listening to records.
6. Rising Interest in Kids' Sports: There's a significant increase in the interest and sales of sports-related items for children. This trend is driven by parents seeking to balance screen time with physical activity, leading to a surge in group sports participation. Accordingly, sports-themed decor, fashion, accessories, goods, and gifts are in high demand.
1. Comfort Cozy: Athleisure wear has seen a meteoric rise, dominating the market across a spectrum of stores from high-end brands like Lululemon and Aerie to mainstream retailers like Target. This trend is redefining everyday fashion with its focus on comfort - leggings, sports bras, oversized sweatshirts, lounge pants, and wide-legged styles are now staples. Accessories like crossbody belt bags, beanies, and headbands complement this trend. Its popularity is also due to its inclusivity, catering to all sizes, genders, and ages. Key features include soft, pillow-like fabrics and off-the-shoulder designs. (The Stanley took off from this market).
2. Ultra-Feminine Flourishes: This trend is all about embracing femininity through pinks, lace, soft florals, ribbons, and an abundance of bows. From the Coquette aesthetic to Ballet Core, styles include bows in hair accessories and jewelry, ballet flats, leg warmers, tights, big bun hairstyles, ruffled skirts, and dresses.
3. Vintage Vibes: 'Vintage' takes on different meanings across generations, spanning from the pearl and lace-infused styles of the 20s to the neon and color-blocking of the 80s. Each era brings its unique flair - psychedelic patterns from the 60s, corduroy and bell-bottoms from the 70s, and the grunge-infused styles of the 90s. This trend is revitalizing the secondhand market, encouraging a dip into attics and closets for vintage-inspired pieces.
4. Boho Chic: The Boho style remains a staple with its back-to-nature ethos. Key elements include mushrooms, botanical prints, butterflies, and animal motifs. Flowy maxi skirts, layering, textures, baggy denim, and loose cargos define this look, popularized further by brands like Free People and Altr'd State.
5. Old Money Elegance: Inspired by media portrayals of British royalty and the affluent elite, as well as popular film and tv shows like Succession and Saltburn, this trend focuses on timeless, elegant pieces. Think silk blouses, trousers, and classic luxury brands like Chanel and Gucci. Accessories such as bags, watches, blazers, and gold and diamond accents epitomize this style.
6. Emerging Trends to watch: Embroidered Corduroy Hats (baseball / Snapback) and starting to see a lot of butterfly/insect designs across multiple categories.
1. Bold Statements: The trend of making a statement with jewelry continues, featuring both modern and vintage influences. Chunky silver and oversized pieces is particularly prominent.
2. Classic, Vintage, and Retro Revival: There's a return to styles that embody a sense of classic elegance and vintage charm. Pearls and brooches are having a moment in the spotlight. Also vintage 70s and 80s costume jewelry as well as fabric Rosettes and chokers from the 90s are all trending.
3. Personalization and Customization: Jewelry that tells a personal story is increasingly sought after. Bubble Style / Balloon Style Letters/Initials are very big right now as well as classics like birthstones and birth flowers to favorite colors and symbols. The focus is on creating one-of-a-kind pieces that resonate on a personal level. Charm and Friendship bracelets are very popular, also adding sports to personalization is enabling some sellers to reach an audience not many are catering to.
4. Boho Chic: Continuing its popularity, Boho-style jewelry remains a favorite. These laid-back, nature-inspired pieces are perfect for those who prefer a more understated, earthy look. Layering necklaces are popular with this aesthetic.
5. Men's Jewelry Ascending: Men's jewelry is gaining momentum, with an increased interest in bracelets, chains, rings, and even lapel pins and brooches.
Notable Jewelry Trends:
  • Charm and Friendship Bracelets: These embody both vintage charm and the trend of personalization.
  • Bubble Style Letters & Initials: Trending on Etsy and seeing Bubble style or balloon style accessories in stores as well.
  • Gummy Bears: Charms, Pendants etc..
  • Rosettes: A nod to the 90s and Y2K coquette aesthetic.
  • Anklets: A versatile accessory for everyday wear.
  • Bows: Aligning with ultra-feminine and coquette trends.
  • Pearls: Timeless and elegant, pearls are making a comeback, especially in wedding and classic vintage styles.
  • Silver: Chunky silver pieces are making a bold statement.
  • Chokers: A 90s and Y2K resurgence.
  • Brooches: Both in vintage and modern styles.
  • Cuffs: Popular in both vintage and contemporary designs.
  • Spiritual Symbols: Pieces like crosses, amulets, evil eyes, and personal talismans.
  • Coin Jewelry: A blend of vintage and modern appeal.
  • Ring Stacks: A trendy choice for everyday wear.
  • Layered Necklaces: Boho Chic
1. Authenticity and Individuality: The prevailing theme in home decor is authenticity, where every item tells a unique story. This encompasses vintage finds, heirloom pieces, artisan craftsmanship, one-of-a-kind and handmade items, and personalized decor. The focus is on creating a warm, nostalgic, and meaningful atmosphere with an emphasis on comfort and coziness.
2. Moving Away from the Mainstream: The era of cookie-cutter decor is fading, with people increasingly purging items that lack personal significance in favor of creating spaces that reflect their individual style, taste, and preferences. This movement towards uniqueness is a trend in its own right.
3. Vintage and Second-Hand Chic: Vintage art, colored glass, candlesticks, ashtrays, frames, and books are all gaining in popularity. The Grandmillennial and Cottagecore trends continue strong with their colorful, textured, and patterned designs, spanning decor from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Retro and Kitchy influences from the 50s and 60s, such as old-style appliances and cat wall clocks, are also prominent.
4. Natural and Biophilic Design: Bringing nature indoors is a growing trend. This includes living green spaces, living walls, plants, and the use of sustainable, eco-friendly materials.
5. Modern Mid-Century Style: A sophisticated take on 70s style, this trend features earth tones like chestnut brown, avocado green, marigold, mustard yellow, and orange, with touches of dusty rose. Expect natural wood accents, organic shapes, curves, and arches, as well as colored glass vases and glasses.
6. Dopamine Decor and Maximalism: This trend is all about vibrant colors, including bright pinks, pastels, and bold primary hues. The 80s resurgence brings color blocking, pop art, and bold retro accents into focus, along with textured, mismatched elements, bold wallpaper, and statement tiles.
7. Art Deco Influence: Featuring ornamentation, sleek geometric patterns, and old-school glamour, this style incorporates metallics and bold wallpaper for a touch of elegance.
Emerging Trends:
  • Tile Accents, Mosaics & Disco Ball-esque: A wide range, from vintage to modern, featuring unique designs and pops of color. Pieces of mirrored tiles seem to be "in".
  • Mirrors: Increased interest in vintage mirrors, French-style mirrors, and organic-shaped mirrors.
  • Chrome Accents: These are gaining popularity across various decor elements.
  • Coffee Bars: Searches are up significantly, including everything from carts to mugs, signs, and accessories.
1. Mature Approach: There's a trend towards more mature themes in decor, fashion, and gifts for children. This is evident in products like Sephora Kids and Stanley kids, which offer sophisticated options for younger audiences.
2. Back to Basics: Simplicity is key in current trends. This includes neutral colors, comfortable and cozy designs, and activities that encourage creativity and learning, such as coloring and reading. Wooden toys and non-screen activities are particularly popular.
3. Celebrating Inchstones: Emphasis is being placed on celebrating small but significant milestones in a child's life, such as losing their first tooth, monthly birthdays, first steps, potty training successes, and first haircuts. There's also a focus on marking the start and end of the school year.
4. Sports & Extracurriculars: Not much competition out there for sports themed goods and gifts, parents are flocking to sites like Etsy and similar to find personalized sports or extracurricular themed decor, fashion, accessories and gifts. To include gifts for coaches, teachers and mentors.
Little Kids Fashion:
  • 80s Influence: Color blocking, geometric patterns, and bright, funky florals are making a comeback.
  • Future Foodies: Food-themed designs featuring fruits, condiments, juice boxes, donuts, ice creams, and sushi.
  • Girly Girl: A return to bows, ribbons, ruffles, colors, and lace.
  • Animal Prints: Popular prints include zebra, giraffe, leopard, and Dalmatian spots.
Nursery Trends:
  • Mature Themes: Nurseries are adopting more mature colors and themes, including elements like rattan and cozy book nooks.
  • Dopamine Decor: Vibrant, fun colors and festive designs, featuring organic shapes, rainbows, and sun motifs.
  • Neutral Tones: Oatmeal, brown, and cream hues create a subtle, cozy ambiance.
  • Retro and Vintage: Trends include vintage boho suns, rainbows, retro lines, and classic storybook characters like Beatrix Potter and vintage Disney.
  • Animal Themes: Forest animals such as foxes, rabbits, deer, and swans are popular, along with dinosaurs, safari animals like elephants, lions, giraffes, and butterflies/insects.
1. Skincare Surge: There's been a notable increase in interest in skincare, driven not only by influencer endorsements but also by a generation of Gen Xers redefining the aging process. Skincare and body care searches have soared, showing over a 1000% increase on platforms like Pinterest.
2. Product Popularity: The demand for nourishing body butters, relaxing bath soaks, rejuvenating face oils, potent serums, hydrating moisturizers, refreshing face sprays, and exfoliating body, face, and lip scrubs is at an all-time high. Additionally, artisan soaps and hair care products have seen a significant uptick in interest.
3. Clean and Sustainable Focus: Consumers are increasingly gravitating towards products with clean ingredients, reflecting a growing consciousness about health and environmental impact. Eco-friendly packaging solutions, including zero-waste options, are becoming highly sought after.
1. The Non-Wedding Wedding: A rising trend in 2024 is the non-traditional wedding, where conventional norms are being replaced with unique, personal touches.
2. Vintage and Retro: Disco balls are not just for the dance floor anymore. These shiny spheres are becoming a staple in various aspects of weddings, from invitations to centerpieces and favors. The 70s theme, with its characteristic colors and styles, is especially popular.
3. Seasonal Color Trends: Spring and summer weddings are embracing pastels, with icy pastel blue and peach (echoing the color of the year) being particularly trendy. For fall and winter weddings, jewel tones are in vogue. Expect to see a lot of color, from mismatched bridesmaid dresses to vibrant wildflower arrangements and colored glass decor.
4. Guestbook Innovations: Traditional guestbooks are being replaced by audio/digital versions. Couples are setting up phone booths or stations for guests to record their wishes, adding a modern twist to the wedding experience. Great opportunity for sign makers here.
5. Celestial Themes: Weddings with celestial motifs, featuring stars and suns, are gaining popularity, adding a magical and romantic touch to the celebration.
6. Sustainability: Digital save-the-dates and invitations are becoming more common, with a preference for recycled or seeded paper for physical invites. Drones are being used instead of fireworks, and birdseed confetti is preferred over paper.
7. Alternative/Practical Centerpieces and Favors: Trends include potted plants, wildflower displays, and even edible centerpieces. Favors are also evolving to be more practical, usable, and memorable.
8. Scentscaping: Custom scents are being integrated into weddings through bespoke candles, wax melts, soaps, and even scented invitations, adding a unique sensory dimension to the event.
Additional Trends:
  • Disco Elements: Extending beyond the dance floor to various wedding decor.
  • Mismatched and Floral Dresses: For a vibrant and diverse bridal party look.
  • Pearls: From veils to cakes, embroidery, and decor, pearls are a key embellishment.
  • Bows: This trend is evident in hairpieces, chairs, and reception decor.
  • Vintage-Style Cakes: Labeth-style cakes are making a comeback, adding a classic touch.
One thing to note as you dive into your ideas is that you should use this as inspiration for products that fit WITHIN YOUR CURRENT ACRYLIC BUSINESS & BRANDING. If you're not a vintage retro girly, you don't have to jump into that aspect of trends. Think of ways you can expand your offerings or change your best sellers with some of these new trends. If you make acrylic earrings, maybe explore some trending colors with your bestsellers. If you make acrylic signs, invest in some trending colors to have on hand. 
And if you've made it this far, let me know what your favorite trend is?! 

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