2020 Handcrafted Gift Guide ๐ŸŽ

Can you guys believe it's that time of year again?! I know we all talk a lot of junk about the wild and crazy year we've had, and if there was ever a year deserving of it - this was it. Of course, as we come into the holidays we can't help but take a long look back and see what we have to be grateful for and celebrate what we've overcome.ย 

This year, more than any before it,ย dedicated and hard working crafters stepped out into the world of entrepreneurship. Not because it was easy or planned, but because it was the best way they couldย move forwardย through the hardships we've seen throughout the months.ย These crafters have been planning and investing in the holiday season for some time now and would love to have our support. We'd like to invite you all to check them out as you start your shopping this year and see how your holiday spending can impact the small business community!

Local Shops

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Online Shopping

Etsy - Personalized

Etsy - Funny/Adult Humor

Ebay - Handcrafted

Amazon - Handmadeย