Using a Cuttle Template to Make Pride Keychains!

Pride Month is approaching, and we thought it would be fun to create pride keychains using a Cuttle's Keychain Generator Template!

Generate a custom, ready-to-laser-cut SVG for a keychain. Customize the text, font, sizing, and hole placement.

How to use

  1. Enter your text and customize the parameters. You may need to change the holePosition depending on your text and font.

  2. Click Download SVG.

  3. Open the SVG in your laser cutting application. The filled purple area is meant to be engraved. The black outline is meant to be cut.

  4. Attach your keyring. 🔑✨


After personalizing the template and downloading the files, we used CMB Rainbow Brushstrokes Pattern Acrylic on White Core and cut the files with our Thunder Laser to bring this creation to life.

These keychains were quick and easy to make, and we love how bright and vibrant they turned out.

One tip - Experiment with the LPM (Lines Per Minute) on your laser to achieve a smoother engraving! 


This beginner tutorial video shows how to create a design like this from scratch in Cuttle. It also shows how to make a design like this starting from an arbitrary SVG

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