New Cuttle - Block of Text Generator

 Block of Text Generator

The new Cuttle Block of Text Generator is here!! Type anything to make a connected "block of text" for a coaster or sign. The text is automatically sized to fit, with optional score lines between letters.

How it works

Type any text and it will be automatically sized to fit into a rectangle.


You can leave the size as default (3.8 inch square) for a coaster, or change the size to make a wall hanging sign or other project.

For this project, we used CMB Birch Wood Engraves Black Two Tone Acrylic. We resized a file from Design Bundles to fit the background, then cut the text using the Cuttle Block Text Generator from CMB Glossy Black Acrylic. After cutting, we carefully layered the two pieces together, resulting in this fantastic coaster!

HELPFUL TIP: If you attempt this yourself, be sure to double-check that the letters fit into the correct spaces (we definitely learned this the hard way 😉)

Click here to check out this template yourself

PS - If you're new to Cuttle, make sure you use code CMB10 for 10% off your first month or year! 

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