Cuttle Easter Bunny Tag

Check out this new Cuttle Easter Bunny Tag Design from Cuttle!

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Personalize this cute Easter Bunny Gift Tag with any name. Options for different face shapes, daisy, and bowtie. Can be single layer or two layers.

Note that the top layer includes scores (in blue). Make sure to set these to Score in your laser cutter software.

Here's what it looks like with Glowforge:

To bring this design to life - we used CMB's Matte/Gloss Pastel Pink Acrylic and Gloss Pale Yellow Acrylic. We set our Thunder Laser Settings Nova 35W settings to 20/80 for the cut and 500/25 for the engrave.

We forgot our Orabond Adhesive, so we improvised by using some gorilla glue and a paint brush applicator (side note- don't forget your Orabond! lol)

Once the design was applied to each acrylic sheet, we layered each of them together to create our finished product.

To watch us make this Cuttle Design - check out CMB's Instagram, Facebook and TikTok!

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