Limitless Acrylic- Other Core Options

Okay, now that you know what you're ordering (and if you don't, read this blog first!), let's talk OTHER core options. We have hundreds of acrylic sheet options in stock. And many of them offer some AMAZING options as core/bases for printing on. White glitter acrylic sheets, metallic acrylic sheets, glitter acrylic sheets, matte color acrylic sheets, if you think we can print on - we probably can! A lot of these sheets offer options that you can't get with JUST UV printing, particularly the metallic and glitter options. 

Once you've found the pattern you want, choose the OTHER core option, pick your single or double sided print option, and add to cart.  Then head HERE to browse our upgrades. Find the upgrade you want and add this to your cart as well, with the note on which print it is for. Simple as that and you open up a whole other world of acrylic options!

When you start looking at ordering other core colors there's a few things to keep in mind- 

1) On the main photo/stock photo for each pattern, where you see white- your core color will be visible. The best patterns for other core colors that are solid/gloss/matte are going to have lots of white in the main image.

2) White Glitter will look amazing with most any pattern! Its essentially a white base (which offers the best brightness!) and then some glitter shining through! I do think for the best glitter looks choose lighter and brighter patterns or patterns with white on them! Limitless Acrylic Patterns on White Glitter Core

3) For colored glitter bases you want smaller and larger spaced apart patterns or the glitter will be too distracting. 

4) Metallics are also amazing with most prints! 


Limitless Acrylic Prints on Various Other Core Colors