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Silhouette 101 | Let's Begin Here

Brand: South Wake Vinyl


1 Hour Virtual Class

This class will teach you all of the basic level information you'll need to begin both
small and large projects with your Silhouette Cameo. Silhouette 101 is perfect for beginners who are wanting to confidently cross the bridge from "Oh, I think I could make that!" to "Look what I made!"

Includes: Vinyl Sampler Pack (to be picked up at your convenience)

What You'll Need:
⋆ A computer with Silhouette Studio installed
⋆ Your lovely Silhouette Cameo, plugged in and ready to go
⋆ Your preferred cutting mat
Vinyl Sampler Pack


Part 1: Name This Vinyl
We'll explore the wide variety of vinyl choices on the market - including types, uses, different finishes and brands the industry is loving right now!

Part 2: Design Space
Let's get technical with Silhouette's proprietary design software, Silhouette Studio. No worries if you're just starting to dip your toes into graphic design! We're starting with the simple basics on this one.  

Part 3: Cut Settings
Ok, so you've got the vinyl, and you've got the design. Time to make it happen! In this class you'll learn how to prep your machine for the perfect cut. 

Part 4: Let's Talk About It
In the world of craft cutting, there's nothing more beautiful than the creator's unique perspective. While our machines may be designed for cookie cutting, we are not. We'll open the eFloor to all of you to ask anything that's on your mind about your Silhouette, available supplies, and best practices. 

Silhouette 101 | Let's Begin Here

Silhouette 101 | Let's Begin Here

1 Hour Virtual Class