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Mystic Glitter Acrylic Sheet *Retiring*

Brand: Custom Made Better


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1/8" (3mm)
9" x 8"
9" x 16"

 CLARITY: Semi-Transparent
⋆ MASKED: Yes, Thin Clear
⋆ C/E: Cast 

Our Acrylic & Acetate sheets are perfect for use in your laser cutting and engraving machines, CNC Routing machines, Glow Forge, Aeon, Mira, Flux Beamo, and more! These Acetate/Acrylic Sheet sheets open up a ton of possibilities for every crafter and laser cutter. Create wall decor, jewelry, business signs, trinket boxes, jewelry displays, keychains and more! 


★ Our glitter acrylic is covered with a simple clear plastic protective mask. While you technically *can* cut through it we recommend removing this and brushing on a thin coat of Dawn dish soap (a flame reducing and protective agent that reduces flash back and covers better than paper masking) on both sides before cutting. You do not need to let this fully dry before placing it in your bed, and it washes off clean for a perfect finish. 

★ Due to the cutting process, it's not uncommon to get a stubborn "fog" on your acrylic after using your laser despite any type of masking or protective layers like Dawn, this is from the gases released in the process. For CAST acrylic, you can clean this with a modest amount of rubbing alcohol for a crystal clean finish. However, acrylic can be weakened by any harsh or dehydrating chemicals and EXTRUDED will absolutely be compromised with these. We recommend using Novus's Plastic Clean and Shine on your acrylic, especially mirrors and other extruded acrylics. They also have a Fine Scratch Polish that works great on all acrylics for buffing out any minor imperfections that may have happened through the crafting process. 

★ When engraving glitter acrylic, you can simply create the image as usual in your software and etch it on the front side of your acrylic. Keep in mind engraving on a more opaque acrylic will not create the same type of "POW!" contrast you see in engraved fluorescent or mirror. It will also show the engraving lines more distinctly we recommend increasing your lines per inch above your usual settings to suit your preferred finish.

★ Our glitter acrylic is cast, which produces less of an odor when laser cutting than extruded acrylic but can still be noticeable; this can be reduced when using the Dawn dish soap as a mask alternative, however, we recommend those with smell sensitivities to mind this when cutting in small spaces. 

★ Always run a test cut! Like, seriously, we're all human and things happen. Our machines are all different by design and are all in different conditions. Don't be afraid to tinker around and learn your machine through trial and error on a small scale before diving in! 

★ Before cutting, run your checks! A clean machine is a happy machine, and a happy machine means a better cut on the first go! 

  • Lense - Any debris here can cause you to lose focus or power, check this every time.
  • Mirrors - This will vary by make and model, take the time to get familiar with yours and how often you need to check them. This can range from monthly to semi-annually.
  • Work Area/Bed - Yeeeesh, these can get dirty depending on what you're cutting on a regular basis. This is definitely an "as needed" type of clean, we recommend minding the instructions based on your machine's make and model. 
  • Crumb Tray - Another "as needed" type of clean, and surely one of the more tedious tasks. Because of that, we recommend cleaning often simply to reduce the amount of work needed to actually get it clean!


All of our glitter acrylic can be cut on PG Medium, selecting either Red (most common as a default, can be used for warmer colors), Blue (cooler colors), or Black (darker colors or deeper hues) to match the color you are cutting.


Sizes with a 24" width will have a flat $10 shipping fee at checkout, all other smaller sizes will ship FREE with $65! 

**No two marbled sheets are alike! Each one will carry its own character and marbling for a fun, unique look on each project!**

Please note that due to the cutting process, sheet actual measurements may vary up to 1/4" depending on the type of acrylic and blades used to cut down the sheets.

Mystic Glitter Acrylic Sheet *Retiring*

Mystic Glitter Acrylic Sheet *Retiring*

1/8" (3mm)
9" x 8"
9" x 16"