Matte Magic Pattern Acrylic Sheets- Itty Bitty Hearts

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Matte Magic Sheets are one color products with a clear printed pattern in the opposite finish of the acrylic sheet. (Gloss acrylic sheets will have a matte print, matte acrylic sheets will have a gloss print).

Our Matte Magic Acrylic sheets are UV printed in house and made to order. This gives us the opportunity to expand our range of two tone products to infinite options! Our sheets are approximately 12" by 18-19" wide. If you need larger sheet sizes, please email us! The color you are selecting is the color acrylic we print on, the color your product will engrave, and the color of the back of your product if you choose single sided.

Please Note: Adding Made To Order Items including our prints to your order could (but does not always) add 2-7 business days of processing time to your order.


★We ALWAYS recommend running a test cut! Our machines are all different by design and are all in different conditions.

★With that said, we've had the best success cutting on PG medium white and engraving at 1000 speed/40 power for our 1/8" option. If you get bubbling on the edge of your cuts, you'll need to adjust your speed and power (lower power, faster speed)

★For Double Sided Prints, you may want to raise the product off your honeycomb bed via scraps. You can also try a light tack masking.

Engrave Color White