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Jetcol® DHS Sublimation Paper | 100-Pack

Brand: Custom Made Better


8.5" x 11"

Digital sublimation transfer printing is a spectacular innovation in the digital graphics industry. Our 8.5"x11" Jetcol® sublimation paper delivers impressive reliability of the color rendering and the sharpness of patterns as well as a high level of runability and transfer yield with consistent quality, brilliant colors, and flawless blotches. 

Jetcol® sublimation papers are 100% FSC certified from recyclable pulp to end roll, the entire process happens in their factory on their own premises in the Netherlands. Equipped with special coatings that enable you to transfer 97% of the ink onto your surface, they can also use 40% less ink than others reducing unnecessary waste.

★ Temperature: 400°F / 200°C
★ Pressure: Medium to heavy
★ Time: 30 seconds (Depending on type and size of the substrate, transfer time can vary between 30 seconds and 2 minutes)

★ Ideal printing room temperature is 74°F / 23°C and 50% relative humidity
★ Maintaining ideal printing room climatic conditions for good dimensional stability, the flatness of paper, and faster ink drying
★ Print the image in reverse/mirrored format
★ Protect the press from sublimating dye by covering the platen with plain paper
★ Place the printed paper with image-side down on top of the blank substrate
★ Use heat-resistant tape to hold the position
★ After transfer, remove the paper quickly in an even motion
★ Print on the side without the grid


The dye sublimation process allows dye particles to transform from a solid-state into a gaseous state and sublimates a printed image from the transfer paper onto a substrate when the proper heat and pressure are applied. This results in the molecular chains of the material opening as the dye particles, in gaseous form, can now permeate the polyester or hard substrate. As the temperature drops from removing the heat source and the material returns to room temperature, the pores close leaving the now solid ink image as part of the polymer.

★ Polyester Fabric (Shirts, pillows, totes, etc)
★ Coated Canvas Fabric (Pillows, signs, patches, etc)
 Siser Glitter HTV (Siser has a great video here)
★ Adhesive Vinyl (Design Bundles has a great video here)
★ MDF & Wood (Great for muted finishes, Design Bundles has a great video here)
★ Acrylic Sheets (Design Bundles has a great video here, find our Sign Bundle here)
★ Unisub Hardboard (Check out Unisub's vivid pre-cut door hangers here)
★ Ceramic Tiles & Mugs (Watch Design Bundles' no-press tutorial here)
    Jetcol® DHS Sublimation Paper | 100-Pack

    Jetcol® DHS Sublimation Paper | 100-Pack

    8.5" x 11"