Diode Tested Products

Diode lasers are becoming a popular laser of choice due to the low cost and small footprint. 

These are a much different laser than C02 lasers though, and are unable to cut a range of acrylic, including clear & blue colors and most transparent acrylic sheets. 

In working with other diode laser owners, we've come up with a collection of diode tested sheets you can find HERE

For the purpose of this collection, our testers were able to cut the acrylic in 7 passes or less. We did not include options that cut, but took more than 7 passes. It's also important to note that diode lasers range in wattage and these are all customer tested on different wattage lasers. In addition we do not make any guarantee these products will cut on your specific laser. 

This collection doesn't include our pattern acrylic sheets, all of which are diode friendly WHEN YOU CHOOSE A BLACK CORE. 

 Also worth mentioning, while you can't cut clear, you can engrave it. Browse our large selection of acrylic blanks that you can engrave HERE! 

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