Bad Vibes Don't Go With My Outfit

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Hey guys!

How are we doing?! Some week, huh? I don't know about all of you, but I took a minute to step away. I don't mean from the business, and it's been awesome working with you fabulous folks coming by for drop box pick ups. I mean a pause. I made more time for the family, took more time for inspirational conversations with our power people out there making lemonade out of this, and I think I've panic cleaned everything about 7 times. 

With more and more safe guard mandates coming though, our town has seen many changes to our way of life. We had a pretty great anniversary month up ahead with some big decisions this week, and man I started having some thoughts. You know what I'm talking about. That stuff that keeps you up at night - coulda, woulda, shouldn'ts - and you know what I realized? I'm going to have a darn good anniversary month. We are all going to having an awesome month. My family, my friends, our community - we have come together in such a beautiful way, it's unmistakable. We're going to shine through this, come hell or high water. Nothing about what's right up ahead is going to look like what we thought it was going to, and that's okay. Today is the first day of spring and the sun is still shining as bright as the yellow pollen on my car, the birds are still singing, and I can still get my favorite pizza to go. LET'S DO THIS!

A few notes on what's going on over here at SWV:
⋆ All materials are stored in sanitized units in a separate storage room 
⋆ In addition to frequent, routine hand washing according to the CDC, all employees (me, it's just the one) must wash hands thoroughly before entering the storage area and handling any materials
⋆ Our pick up drop box is sanitized between pickups using single use, commercial grade sanitizing wipes. We've added an additional bin to safely handle multiple orders, no more than one bin will be used per order. Please be aware of this, a notification will be emailed to you if your order is placed in an alternate bin.

Above all else, it's important that we remember to look out for one another. 

Thank you all!
Melody Thornton

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