A few of our favorite Things!

Working with acrylic sheets offers a world of creativity and self-expression. To enhance your acrylic artwork, it's crucial to have the right tools and supplies. As a leading plastics distributor, we understand the importance of quality materials. In this blog post, we will explore essential tools such as Novus Plastics Cleaner, cutting mat, paper masking, Orabond Adhesive, scraper tool, and more. Discover how these products can elevate your acrylic projects to new heights.

  1. Novus Plastics Cleaner: Maintain the clarity and cleanliness of your acrylic surfaces with Novus Plastics Cleaner. Our premium cleaner effectively removes dirt, dust, and fingerprints, ensuring your artwork looks professional and pristine. Trust our high-quality cleaner for impeccable results every time.

  2. Cutting Mat: For precise cutting and trimming, a cutting mat is a must-have tool. As a trusted plastics distributor, we offer self-healing mats that protect your work surface and provide a smooth, resilient platform for accurate cuts. Achieve clean lines and precise dimensions with our reliable cutting mats.

  3. Paper Masking: Create clean edges and protect specific areas during your acrylic projects with paper masking. Our high-tack, easy-to-remove masking tape ensures crisp lines and prevents paint smudging. Explore endless design possibilities with our versatile and reliable paper masking products.

  4. Orabond Adhesive: When it comes to adhesion, trust the reliability of Orabond Adhesive. As a leading plastics distributor, we offer double-sided adhesive tape that provides a strong bond. Easily affix photos, papers, or decorative elements to your acrylic surface with our premium Orabond Adhesive.

  5. Scraper Tool: Unlock your artistic potential with a high-quality scraper tool.  This versatile instrument allows you to easily remove paper masking from more intricately designed laser items.

  6. Cold Roll Laminator: We've tried a few lamination options including an electric one that was way too slow. The Cold Roll Laminator is perfect for adhesive and paper masking. With adjustable knobs it works on all different thickness of acrylic, and you can order in a large range of widths to accomodate the sizes you use most!