4 Companies In The Craft Industry Helping Small Businesses Right Now
Entrepreneurs know that the best approach for a small business is adaptability with an unwavering set of values that benefit the community. We'll be tested along the way, surprises around every corner and right now, more than ever, we are feeling this. Leaders in the industry that we have come to rely on have been working consistently this week to help, here just a few ways that you can leverage these opportunities:

Those of you already using Shopify may know that their Gift Card feature is only available on their $79/month plan and up, a big jump from their Basic plan at $29/month. Shopify is now extending this feature to all plans, granting all small businesses the ability to promote Gift eCards as we see a shift in purchasing behavior.

Local pickup and delivery options will become more integrated within their checkout process, emphasizing this service versus the previous method that, and if you've ever ordered our free pickup you already know, can be wonky to say the least. This is close on the horizon, though not yet released. 

They are also opening up more ways for you to connect with your customers and fellow entrepreneurs virtually through Community Support and Live Webinar programming. Small Business Funding will also be coming down the pipeline for those in need. 
Of course, if you have not already signed up for Shopify and are looking for a way to expand your online presence, they have extended their free trial period to 90 days!

Etsy is another great online shop host that's working with their shop owners to adapt to quick changes. Right now they are waiving charges on Off Site ads through the end of April allowing you to advertise on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Bing worry free.

Cutting it close on shop fees? They will not be suspending any accounts due to late payments until May 15. Keep in mind, some restrictions apply and if your shop is currently not on good standing this is not valid. 

They are also opening up their customer service to assistance with shipping and delivery challenges, as well as payment issues you may be experiencing. 

Silhouette recently released their Cameo 4 Plus, cutting widths up to 15" and are taking this opportunity to offer great deals on the Cameo 4 Bundles (base model released last year) at a fantastic price. 

Check out their tutorials for new and exciting ideas here.

Cricut has made a few adjustments to their offers to assist both those crafting for joy and those supporting their businesses with their products. They‘ve opened up their Design Space image selection to include an additional 1,000 images that are available for free. This selection is a limited time offer with no set end date, but they will be switching images up to offer a wide variety for everyone. 
All tangible orders will have free shipping now through March 31st. Just as we saw with Etsy, Cricut is inviting their customers with concerns during this time to reach out to customer service as a part of their commitment to quality service. 
Check out their
tutorials for new and exciting ideas here.
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